YMMV / Riddle School

  • Awesome Music: The "Red Alert" music at the end of Riddle Transfer 1.
  • Crowning Moment of Heartwarming: The end of Riddle Transfer 2. After Quiz sacrifices himself, Smiley, Phred, and Zack see the resulting explosion. They all look up for a moment, worried, when Phil comes down in an escape pod. They all rejoice when he exits, and Smiley hugs him. Phil looks shocked, before eventually returning the hug and smiling himself. Afterwards, the credits show him hanging out with his friends, graduating high school, dating Smiley, and eventually proposing to her. The final picture is of an aged Phil and Smiley looking happy together. D'awww.
    • A smaller one can be found in Riddle Transfer 1. If the player asks Smiley why she has hair, she'll explain and say that she's worried what people will say. Phil says that he thinks it looks nice.
      • The same game has Phil help out all the creatures held captive by Zone 5.1. You can't help but grin a little when Yeddy gets his hair back, or when Messie is brought back home.
    • Another small one can be found in the slide show at the end. Phred is giving Phil bunny ears while Phil plays his trombone. It's nice to see them hanging out.
    • Those same credits feature a meta CMOH in the form of Jonbro thanking several Youtubers for featuring the game on their channels, especially since most of them went on to play the game and see that.
    • And after those thanks? Another towards Scott Cawthon, "for inspiring a change in my outlook on life and creativity". After all, one of Jon's other popular series is his own take on the FNAF games of Cawthon's creation - which, just like the original Riddle School games, caused Jon to have a touch of Creator Backlash (Transfer 2 was released after those two games and the cancellation of the third). It's subtle, but it's nice to see him hold no animosity towards Cawthon despite this and show his appreciation for his work and its effects on him.
    • Jon's "Introspective Retrospective" in the last game contains some pretty touching lines, like about how he cares about the Riddle School characters because they are, in a way, his children.
  • Crowning Moment of Awesome: In Riddle Transfer 2, Phil finds one of Quiz's turrets behind a laser wall. There's an electric circuit box, but it's behind the wall. The wall captures human DNA, and the turret fires at the source. How does Phil get past it? He finds a wad of used chewing gum and flicks it onto the box, prompting the turret to shoot the gum and blow the box up, which causes the laser wall to go down. This kind of thing is why Phil Eggtree is possibly the most badass Guile Hero on Newgrounds.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Diz crosses this when he decides to destroy planets simply for personal pleasure.
  • Tear Jerker: During the climax of Riddle Transfer 2, They try to find a weapon on Quiz's pod, only to find a Self-Destruct button. Quiz presses the Self-Destruct button on his pod and tells Phil to escape to be with his friends on Earth. As Phil escapes, Quiz heads towards Diz's ship and the two ships explode. Quiz who had originally tried to take over Riddle Elementary School, sacrificed his life to end Vizion once and for all.