YMMV / Rhapsody of Fire

  • Complete Monster: Akron from the Concept Album series The Emerald Sword Saga is a ruthless warlord and champion of the Dark God Kron. Akron begins by destroying the city of Ancelot and capturing its princess Airin. He lures The Warrior of Ice into giving him the famed Emerald Sword by threatening to execute all his prisoners, but has already killed them all. Akron has princess Airin raped to death by his demons in front of the men who love her, before having her beloved Arwald tortured and executed by being thrown into an acid pool. Akron's armies run rampant, destroying everything they encounter and slaughtering all they can.After a long campaign, when the Warrior of Ice is captured, Akron has him tortured and then decides to execute him by having him fed to the ravenous water snakes in the swamps. Akron is so horrible, even his noble Dragon Dargor finally turns on him to help destroy him after witnessing his horrible excesses.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Akron has his demons rape Airin to death in front of the men who love her, then Arwald is tortured and executed by being thrown into an acid pool.
  • Narm: If you combine the aforementioned strong accent and unique inflection with Luca Turilli's fairly... idiosyncratic grasp of English, this is what you get.
    • The very last segment of Tears of a Dying Angel, with the failed echo...
    "Resist..... sist...... sist....... sist...."
    • In "Gargoyles, Angels of Darkness":
    "Oh no! Oh God! Oh God no! What is happening!"
    • The First Act of The Cold Embrace of Fear has a nice example too.
    • Not to mention this gem from Heroes of the Waterfalls' Kingdom:
    "Fly! Fly, mighty Thanor! For your revenge! AND OUR FREEDOOOOOOOOOOM!
  • Narm Charm: Fabio Lione is the king of this trope.
  • So Bad, It's Good: The official music videos for "Power of the Dragonflame" and "Rain of a Thousand Flames"...
    YouTube comment: It's like someone airbrushed a Dungeons & Dragons manual on the side of a van and then the van had sex with Highlander and the whole thing was rendered in Microsoft Movie Maker. aka FUCKING AWESOME
  • Special Effect Failure: And this is the main reason why.
    • The video for "Unholy Warcry", by contrast, is rather well-put together. Obviously they had a bigger budget for that one.
  • Tear Jerker: The Magic of the Wizard's Dream has become a massive one in the wake of Christopher Lee's death.
    Angels are calling
    From divine lost crystal realms
    Riding from heaven
    For the magic of the wizard's dream...