Trivia / Rhapsody of Fire

  • Executive Meddling: Due to reasons yet to be disclosed by the band, Rhapsody went on a three-year hiatus with their label, Magic Circle Music. As of 2009, they have now found a new label in Nuclear Blast.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!:
    • Yes, that is Saruman narrating. Several times. And singing on a special version of "The Magic of the Wizard's Dream". If you listen very carefully, you can hear him doing backing vocals for the chorus of the album version of "The Magic of the Wizard's Dream." His daughter, Christina Lee, does the voice of Princess Lothan.
    • English actress Susannah York (Superman's mother, among other roles) does the voice of Eloin on the albums Triumph or Agony and The Frozen Tears of Angels.
  • Name's the Same: Nekron is also the Big Bad of Blackest Night and several other things with different spellings (from Greek ''necros'', meaning dead, as in The Necromancer), while Akron is also a city in Ohio (from a Greek word meaning a peak, height, or extremity, as in Acropolis).
  • Referenced by...: Dungeons of Dredmor references several Rhapsody songs in both abilities, items, and achievements. There's even an Emerald Sword.