YMMV / Restaurant: Impossible

  • Nausea Fuel - Sometimes, one of the problems that must be addressed is the kitchen being absolutely filthy.
    • One of the restaurants was so filthy that they had to clean it in HAZMAT suits and had to spend half the budget on a professional kitchen cleaning crew who worked hours longer than they were supposed to, and still missed some of the filth. This included 19 dead rats.
  • Squick: One of the items on the menu at the Wagon Wheel in Delaware is muskrat. Robert tries it and spits it out but the owner defends it's inclusion by saying that it's a draw and it makes pretty good money (about $12 a plate more than it costs to make it).
    Robert: It has rat in the name. Do you know anyone who likes to eat rats?
  • What An Idiot: Several restaurants completely disregarded Robert's advice on how to improve themselves despite all of the benefits. The majority of them would end up closing down because of it.