Trivia / Restaurant: Impossible

  • Adored by the Network: If Chopped or Diners, Drive-ins and Dives isn't running on Food Network right now, chances are this show is. This was averted in 2014, however, with Restaurant: Impossible being restricted largely to Wednesday nights.
  • Celebrity Cameo: Professional wrestler Gail Kim appeared in one episode of the show, which is how she and Robert first met. They married in 2012.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: Two of the chefs in the first episode previously appeared on Chopped.
    • Michael Gilletto, the chef that won the job, was frequently criticized on Chopped for making dishes way too small. Unfortunately, even when he won the job, he caused problems for Robert by backing out at the last minute.
    • Stacey Poon-McKinney, owner of "The Trails", competed in Season 9 of The Next Food Network Star.
  • Romance on the Set: See Celebrity Cameo above.