YMMV / RefleX

  • Awesome Music: Let's just say that this game is full of amazing tracks.
  • Goddamned Missiles: They are fast and can only take one hit, but they are the only weapon that can pass through your shield.
  • Moment of Awesome: Many, but the final battle with Libra and the Kamui fighters is probably the best one!
  • Player Punch: Virgo's beatdown. Just to emphasize it, it is not a cutscene; you are still in control of the Phoenix and are made to helplessly watch as your control over the Phoenix fails to budge it while its shield and armor meters whittle down to nothing.
    • Also ZODIAC Ophiuchus' self-destruction.
  • Scrappy Mechanic:
    • Using a continue invalidates your high scores. Contrast with the other two games in the series, where using a continue will let you save the score you achieved on your first credit even if you continue.
    • The last two stages, where a single hit can result in a Game Over, were not received well with players or even Ysuer's fellow developers.
  • Smug Snake: Apparently ZODIAC Libra has a "self-Righteous personality, and when it sights the awakened Ophiuchus, it opens fire without hesitation to prove its righteousness."
  • Special Effect Failure: The Shield meter graphic, which has triangular ends, simply stretches and shrinks rather than fading out from the right and in to the right like a bar meter is supposed to. This is most evident when the Ophiuchus Core awakens and the meter extends beyond the screen.
  • That One Attack: If you don't destroy ZODIAC Libra in its penultimate phase, it will release continuous streams of concentric purple circles, while alternating between homing lasers that make lowering your defenses to attack difficult, and missiles that can't be shielded away. If you still want the points (1 million instead of 4 million), good luck not timing it out.
  • That One Boss: The latter half of ZODIAC Virgo, and the Final Boss, Libra. What makes them stand out is that your ship, now ZODIAC Ophiuchus, has an unlimited-use shield...but has been reduced to a One-Hit-Point Wonder. You still only get one life, so even a single hit results in a Game Over. Of course, both bosses take advantage of this to toss out unblockable missile barrages at you.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks: While not a severe case, some fans believe the change of how the Phoenix's shield meter recharges in v1.01 and onward made the game easier. To elaborate, prior to the v1.01 update, the shield meter stops recharging while firing your weapon; v1.01 changed this so that it will recharge slowly while firing instead.