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YMMV: Recess: Taking the Fifth Grade
  • Anvilicious: "Grade Five Club".
  • Broken Base: One half of the fanbase loves the movie, the other found it to be So Okay, It's Average and didn't find it a satisfying conclusion.
  • Contested Sequel: Most fans think of it as either good, okay, or average, but general consensus is that it's a good film, but not to the standards of Recess: School's Out, and that for Disney Direct-to-Video standards, it's one of the best (even if it's not a sequel to a film in the Disney Animated Canon).
  • Misblamed: There have been fans complaining about Mikey and Gus's "new voice actors" in the film. Both of them has the same voice actors they did in the show- though at this point, Courtland Mead's (Gus) voice was beginning to break, and Jason Davis' (Mikey) voice had already broke. The only member of a gang with a new voice is T.J.
  • Replacement Scrappy: King Freddy II is this for fans of King Bob. Though he's seen as this in-universe.
    • Meta example: A lot of Recess fans hated Myles Jeffrey's portrayal of T.J., due to his voice being too high and lacking the spunk Ross Malinger and Andy Lawrence gave him previously.
  • Tear Jerker: The very last scene in the movie. T.J.'s giving a monologue about growing up, while he and his friends are just having fun on the playground until the bell rings. And just like the end of the theme song, the gang walk back into the building, only for T.J to appear in the doorway and wave to the audience. The fact that this is the last time the audience are going to see the adventures of the gang, tears were shed.
    T.J.: Sure, being a kid can be tricky. You're growing all the time, things are always changing, but no matter how much things really do change, I figure as long as we stand up for what we believe in, and stay true to ourselves, everything will be alright. (Bell rings) And who knows? Seeing as how we've made it through so much already, I've got a feeling this might be our best year yet. (Miss Finster begins to close the doors) Really, I mean it! (Miss Finster shuts the door)
    • Another thing to note is that in the theme song, the part where T.J. waves at the audience was seen as a "Hi" to them as they join the gang for another adventure. At the end of the film, the wave could be seen as a "Goodbye", as the show was now officially over.
    • The movie's timing can be seen as a contributing part, as the original target audience who were in elementary school when the show came out in 1997 were now in middle school (and for some, high school) when this film came out on video and DVD. They grew up seeing T.J. and his pals go on their adventures, and Taking the Fifth Grade could've been seen as the point where childhood ended.
  • They Changed It, Now It Whomps: Myles Jeffrey replacing Andrew Lawrence as the voice of T.J. was not very well-liked among fans.
  • The Woobie: Spinelli in "A Recess Halloween"

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