YMMV / Read or Die

  • Awesome Music: The OVA features a lot of antastic 1960s-style spy movie jazz from Taku Iwasaki.
  • Cargo Ship: When we say "Yomiko loves books", we mean it. Several times during the OVA, she looks as if she might be crossing a certain line. Even Joker comments that the experience gained by her from "immersing herself into the book" is "quite similar to sexual ecstasy".
  • Complete Monster: Ikkyu, clone of the real life poet Ikkyu Soujun, is the leader of the I-Jins and a terrorist mastermind. He engineers a number of deaths to get his hands on a book of Ludwig von Beethoven's that contains the secrets of the "Death Symphony". Ikkyu tests the Symphony on a group of people, observing with sick satisfaction as they all kill each other—after which he makes plans to broadcast it across the entire planet so he can exterminate the human race. He also manipulates Nancy, a clone of Mata Hari, into betraying Yomiko—then secretly clones and tries to kill Nancy when he doubts her loyalty.
  • Les Yay: Yomiko and Nenene, Yomiko and Maggie and Maggie and Faye (Maggie read a book to the blind Faye and Faye wanted Maggie to reenact the kiss-scene with her). Maggie blushed and run off.
    • There's also Anita and the book-cat-burglar Lily (Lily gave Anita a kiss as a thank you for leading her to a rare book for her to steal).
    • Also have Nenene and Maggie (if one considers Maggie's flustered reaction to Nenene's threat to kiss her), Anita and Hisami and Yomiko and Nancy.
  • Moe: Yomiko, big time. Hisami is often seen as this, too.
  • Signature Scene: The first episode features an aerial dogfight over the Manhattan skyline between a steam-powered glider and a giant paper airplane, punctuated by Yomiko's plaintive cries of...
    Please give me back my book!
  • Suspiciously Similar Song: One of the tracks in the OAV, "Those who insanely love books say, 'Paper is always with us'", sounds strikingly similar to "Valse Aux-Champs Elysses", a stock music track from the APM library.
  • Woolseyism: The dub of the OVA added a lot of clever lines, mostly relating to Nancy's dialogue.