YMMV / Read or Die

  • Awesome Music: Fantastic '60s style spy movie jazz from Taku Iwasaki.
  • Cargo Ship: Yomiko does not just love books, she loves books, and there are times when it looks like she might be crossing a line. It is quite literally in canon: Joker commented, that the experience gained by her from "immersing herself into the book" is "quite similar to sexual ecstasy".
  • Les Yay: Yomiko and Nenene, Yomiko and Maggie and Maggie and Faye (Maggie read a book to the blind Faye and Faye wanted Maggie to reenact the kiss-scene with her). Maggie blushed and run off.
    • There's also Anita and the book-cat-burglar Lily (Lily gave Anita a kiss as a thank you for leading her to a rare book for her to steal).
    • Also have Nenene and Maggie (if one considers Maggie's flustered reaction to Nenene's threat to kiss her), Anita and Hisami and Yomiko and Nancy.
  • Moe: Yomiko, big time. Hisami is often seen as this, too.
  • Suspiciously Similar Song: One of the tracks in the OAV, "Those who insanely love books say, 'Paper is always with us'" sounds strikingly similar to "Valse Aux-Champs Elysses", a stock music track from the APM library.
  • Woolseyism: The dub of the OVA added a lot of clever lines, mostly relating to Nancy's dialogue.