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Tear Jerker: Read or Die
  • Read or Die the TV has one particularly poignent scene wherein Anita loses both of her sisters. She throws up FIRST, and THEN starts crying. But, of course, they weren't really dead..
    • There was also the episode where Maggie and Nenene are in hiding from the British Library, separated from Anita and Michelle. Maggie's then found out by Wendy, who reveals that the Library already knows where the other two are, and forces her to turn over Nenene to them. Being a big fan of Maggie, this troper found it heartbreaking seeing her on the verge of tears as she's forced to betray Nenene. And then comes the end of the episode, where the Library reveals to Maggie that all her time with Anita and Michelle prior to the beginning of the show had never really happened, and she finally breaks down sobbing.
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