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YMMV: Patti Smith
  • Americans Hate Tingle: Johnny Rotten openly mocked Smith's first London performance for her bohemian, "hippie" appearance, compared with the working class orientation of British punk.
  • Creator Couple: Smith's romantic relationship with Blue Oyster Cult keyboardist Allen Lanier lead to her writing a number of songs for the group, and performing backing vocals on a few songs. Additionally, Lanier played keyboards on her songs "Elegie", "Kimberly", and "Space Monkey".
    • Her song Fire of Unknown Origin was not only recorded by the BOC, it became the title of the LP.
  • Fan Nickname: "The Godmother of Punk".
  • First Installment Wins: While there are some great albums (particularly the next two), there's a general consensus that Horses has guaranteed her place in music history.
  • Les Yay: Smith's cover of "Gloria" can be seen as being about a female-on-female one night stand. Similarly for "Debbie Denise", a song she wrote for Blue Oyster Cult, though it underwent a sex-change when BOC performed it. There was also a photo shoot that implied this with Lizzy Mercier Descloux (a famous No Wave artist). In her autobiography she claims to be completely straight, though.
  • The Muse : Patti may have been the life-model for "Suzie", the character who steps in and out of many Blue Oyster Cult songs, as a fiery, independently-minded strong woman answerable to nobody who takes no shit from anyone.
    • She also inspired the K.T. Tunstall song Suddenly I see, which is dedicated to her.
  • One-Hit Wonder: Like Devo, despite her long, acclaimed career, she's only had one real hit: "Because the Night". The fact that it was co-written with Bruce Springsteen might have something to do with it.
  • Signature Song: "Gloria", or possibly "Because the Night".
  • The Woobie: For a spell in 1994, when the poor woman lost her husband, brother and long-time keyboardist all within a few months.

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