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YMMV: Pages Of Harmony
  • Complete Monster: Twilight of course - she kills her friends in order to get the genetic components of the Elements from them, and kills several others in the meantime because she fears being discovered before she achieves her goal. On the other hoof however she genuinely believes that what she's doing will preserve harmony in Equestria.
    • It gets worse in chapter 10, where her full plan is revealed - the extraction of the Elements is only the beginning. After that's finished, she plans to have every organism without the proper genes in the multiverse hunted down and exterminated.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: In the fic, Twilight's secret Mad Scientist Laboratory is reached by a hidden, downward spiraling staircase, and her magic's color begins to progressively darken as she goes deeper into her Sanity Slippage. Fast forward to the Season 3 premiere, and Twilight's magic changes from its normal magenta to black as she uses dark magic to find a hidden downward spiraling staircase.
    • Also, the second chapter of the fic more-or-less begins with Rainbow trapped in Twilight's lab, with a device on her head, asking to be let go, and Twilight refusing. Fast forward to Double Rainboom...
  • Paranoia Fuel: The Irukandi jellyfish that Fluttershy is forced to swallow afflict a pony with every unpleasant symptom under the sun, steadily causing agony so intense that some ask to be killed to end the pain. Good thing they're just in a- wait, they actually exist?!
  • Ron the Death Eater: Hoo boy. Twilight herself. So very much.

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