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YMMV: Orgazmo
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: '''NOW YOU'RE A MAYUNN! A MANNY MANNY MAYUNNNNnnn'''
  • Genius Bonus: The fact that Joe Young is so set against premarital sex, especially with someone other than his fiancee, that Maxxx Orbison accomodates this by using a "stunt cock" for the sexual acts, is a source of humor in the movie. It may seem like it's "ha-ha, look at the conservative Christian who's passing up the chance to get laid", but those knowledgeable about the Mormon Church and its beliefs would know that this is due to the Law of Chastity. Most Christian denominations, branches, and offshoots that support sexual purity until marriage/chastity just have their preachers cite various biblical verses to support their admonitions to avoid fornication, adultery, and masturbation. But the Mormon Church is unique among these Christian-derived sects in that they have a rule specifically telling their members to only have sexual relations within the bonds of matrimony.

  • Special Effects Failure: They just didn't care about making the vast majority of the effects look convincing.

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