Funny: Orgazmo

  • T-Rex
  • Just about every single sound from Dave's mouth
  • What makes a man, is it the woman on his arms? Just 'cause she has big titties? Or is it the way he fights every day? No, it's probably the titties.
  • Ben's tragic backstory explaining why he doesn't do Hamster Style anymore, which turns out to be the most mundane thing that ever happened in the history of film.
  • The entire opening scene, which opens with a shot of the Hollywood sign, then reminds us that this is Hollywood just in case the audience can't read what's on the middle of the screen. Then it cuts to a shot of a nametag that says "Elder Young". Then we get a montage of Joe and his partner getting rejected and cussed out over and over by jaded Hollywood locals, one of which was a sweet old lady.
  • "Unhand her, Jizzmaster Zero!"
  • The whole awkward scene with Sancho, who is a living legend, but only to himself.
  • G-Fresh's jive talk, along with his karaoke machine that dispenses tone-deaf songs.
  • Black stunt-cock
  • "I'll find a way to break free...assfucktwins."
    • "Couldn't we just call them "the Naughty Twins"?
  • Joe using the Orgazmorator on random civilians. Every reaction is priceless.
    • Especially when he uses it on Dave. He's chatting away with a stranger, has an forced orgasm when Joe shoots him, then picks up right where he left off.
  • Joe and Lisa's big kiss moment, which looks more pornographic than any of the porn scenes.
  • In the end Joe sees Jesus Christ, giving him the "Buddy Christ" salute of all things.