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YMMV: New Warriors
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap - The title's purpose, given its tendency to spotlight C-List Fodder. The first series even introduced its own
  • The Scrappy: Hindsight Lad, who started off as an obnoxious fanboy, but later dropped the "Lad" and actually became a fairly competent supporting cast-member, before outing the identities of the surviving members of the group following the destruction of Stamford at the start of Civil War.
    • The New Warriors in the fourth series as a whole, following Civil War, as it had nothing to do with the original New Warriors by having former mutants wearing Powered Armor and were led by Dwayne Taylor's brother posing as Night Thrasher. Time has healed wounds, though, and many said they were looking forward to the Marvel NOW team.
  • Too Good to Last: The Marvel NOW series was ended after only 12 issues despite being beloved by fans and critics. Even worse it was ended alongside the equally-beloved The Superior Foes of Spider-Man, meaning fans felt twice the pain.
  • Unfortunate Implications - The editorially-mandated, ham-fisted break-up of Justice and Firestar - seen as part of Marvel's ongoing policy against married (or even engaged) couples. The timing of the break-up (Around the same time as One More Day) did not help.
  • Wangst: A particularly infamous case, as Speedball took on the identity "Pennance" and altered his suit so that he would be stabbed whenever he used his powers. Fans quickly nicknamed him Bleedball.

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