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YMMV / New Warriors

  • Base Breaker: Robbie Baldwin, full stop. There are some fans who love his light-hearted Speedball persona while the other portion prefer his Penance persona for his more powerful Penance powers and dismissing Speedball as 'lame'.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: In an annual issue of New Warriors, Speedball and Night Thrasher have this conversation about Speedball's powers. This side of Civil War and "Bleedball", it's not so funny:
    Night Thrasher: Robbie, the purpose of this session is to find ways of effectively using your Speedball powers in combat.
    Speedball: Well, Dwayne... how 'bout attaching humongous spikes to my spandex? That way I could totally impale all the bad guys!
    Night Thrasher: Spikes, huh? [Walks away, looking contemplative]
    Speedball: Uh, that's a joke, Thrash...
  • My Real Daddy: Speedball was at first created by Steve Ditko and Tom De Falco where in his own series, he originally started out as a gimmicky character and a poor man's version of Peter Parker. When Fabian Nicieza wrote him on New Warriors, Speedball had turned into an interesting character with a jokester personality.
  • Never Live It Down: An in-universe example, thanks to their reckless and accidental actions that sparked Civil War, the New Warriors and Speedball are known by public for blowing up Stamford.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap - The title's purpose, given its tendency to spotlight C-List Fodder. The first series even introduced its own
  • The Scrappy: Hindsight Lad, who started off as an obnoxious fanboy, but later dropped the "Lad" and actually became a fairly competent supporting cast-member, before outing the identities of the surviving members of the group following the destruction of Stamford at the start of Civil War.
    • The New Warriors in the fourth series as a whole, following Civil War, as it had nothing to do with the original New Warriors by having former mutants wearing Powered Armor and were led by Dwayne Taylor's brother posing as Night Thrasher. Time has healed wounds, though, and many said they were looking forward to the Marvel NOW team.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: Aracely was supposed to have her own arc in the future issues but sadly, it was scrapped as the series was abruptly cancelled.
  • Too Good to Last: The Marvel NOW series was ended after only 12 issues despite being beloved by fans and critics(Though unfortunately that did nit translate to sales). Even worse it was ended alongside the equally-beloved The Superior Foes of Spider-Man, meaning fans felt twice the pain.
  • Wangst: A particularly infamous case, as Speedball took on the identity "Penance" and altered his suit so that he would be stabbed whenever he used his powers. Fans quickly nicknamed him Bleedball.