Heartwarming / New Warriors

2014 Series

  • Sun Girl supporting Haechi throughout the lecture that he would never be accepted by people after becoming an Inhuman and throwing herself into danger to rescue him.
    • A flashback shows that shortly after he woke from the Terrigen Cocoon he was chased by a gang of men who wanted to kill him. An old man with a gun stopped them and told him they were the monsters, not him.
  • Scarlet Spider and Justice clearly don't get along, but he does offer him a reason to join the New Warriors in Issue #9 in response to him thinking he's still a monster.
    Justice (to Scarlet Spider): You think you're a monster? Surround yourself with people who can stop you. You think you're not good enough? Surround yourself with people who force you to be better. You're not a coward and leaving is what one would do.
    • And then there was Wally Layton from the Scarlet Spider 2012 series, who apologized to Kaine for driving him out of Houston after his husband was injured because Kraven came after him, and assured Kaine that he was a hero, not a monster.