Funny / New Warriors

2014 Series

  • In Issue #4 Justice declares that should the threat of the Evoluntionaries come again the New Warriors would stop them. Their response to being added to the team:
    Water Snake: I think not.
    Haechi: No!
    Nova: I kinda need to get home....
    Hummingbird: YES!
    Scarlet Spider: No. #$%^&. WAY.
    Sun Girl: Well, you've got one.
    Justice: It's a start.
  • Issue 5 gives us the introduction of Felinatus, who's pretty much a living embodiment of Cats Are Mean, in between Justice and Kaine's bickering. He makes Justice scream in a panic and spend part of the fight sneezing due to allergies, then Felinatus just latches on to Kaine, who screams "Get him off me!", and then there is just Felinatus in general being a jerk to everyone by saying how he hates them (including Caninus, who nevertheless insists they are best friends), among other things such as wanting to eat their eyeballs as they sleep.
    • The way the issue ends also counts. After the whole team is introduced to their new New Men friends, they are told they can be teleported anywhere they want, with Mark and Selah voting New York, Kaine voting Mexico and Aracely perkily voting for Disneyland. The group then proceeds to teleport to New York... which means the whole entire Wundagore Mountain goes along with them.
    Justice: Please tell me you didn't just teleport the entire mountain to New York City.
    Caninus: I did not know where Disneyland was.
    • Caninus has just introduced himself and Felinatus to Vance, Faira and Kaine. Faira proceeds to say those are the worst names she has ever heard and Kaine says they should pick new names for themselves. What names did they choose? Jake Waffles and Mister Whiskers.
  • While fighting the Evolutionaries, Speedball starts asking Kaine if he thinks Hummingbird likes him. Kaine is less than amused, both by the question and Robbie's sense of timing to ask it.