YMMV / Necessary Roughness

TV Series

  • Fan-Preferred Couple: It may be that they're just more vocal, but Dani/Nico appears to be more prominent than Dani/Matt.
    • Whether or not your mileage varied, it seems the show has responded. As of "All The King's Horses", Nico and Dani share a kiss.
  • Gretzky Has the Ball: An episode where a #1 baseball prospect is expected to be drafted by Kansas City is treated like he's moving to Kansas City. Even #1 high school prospects (like Bryce Harper, who is a potential "once in a generation" like player), take several years in the minors in baseball, typically nowhere geographically near the parent club before making it to the majors, and even that is not a given. Football and Basketball will see jumps from amateur to the highest level all the time, but rarely in baseball. It's the fact that this is treated as standard procedure and not rare and special note  that makes this a GHTB situation.
    • Averted when Hutch shows up again later. It's explicitly stated that he's currently playing in the minors and that if he does well there, he'll get called up to The Bigs (the major league). It may have been that KC was intended to represent the minor league team rather than the major league one or that sometime off screen he was traded.
  • Nightmare Fuel: We know that V3 is involved in money laundering, they run a clinic and one of their athlete trainees went bonkers once, left the program but is still a cog in V3's money laundering machine. TK is now at that clinic, preparing to undergo some experimental treatment. Then the athlete who went crazy shows up at Dani's door, claiming that the clinic was involved in the money laundering scheme, and implies that they did something to him. Is this clinic inflicting untold medical horrors intentionally on athletes to make them dependent on V3's money and become unwitting accomplices? What Body Horror will they inflict on TK to make him a cog too?
  • Retroactive Recognition: On one of the many alternate Earths in the Multiverse, James Olsen is a player for the New York Hawks.