Funny / Necessary Roughness


  • Coach Riggendorf (Played by Robert Loggia) attempts to calmly and analytically get the Armadillo's fired up for the second half of the final game of the movie. At this point the Armadillos are down by at least forty points to 0. Watch the magic happen here.
    Rigg: Now...let's ANALYZE what's been working for us.
    (Wally starts tearing of his suit to reveal his usual TSU gym shirt underneath. All of the Armadillos look on, stunned)
    Rigg: Like this goddamn suit doesn't work for me! And this stinkin' tie! And this this goddamn shirt! IT DOESN'T WORK FOR ME! You know how to play winning hard-nosed football?! You PLAY football like Ed Gennero played football, a guy who gave his life for this football team! He was a 140-pound halfback, and he played like a GODDAMN wild man! No! Like a GODDAMN RAMPAGING BEAST! And that's the way you're gonna do it! You go out there, you tear their fuckin' heads off, and you SHIT down their necks!!
    Rigg: ...let us pray!
    (EVERY player takes a knee!)

TV Series

  • While TK is destroying Dani's stuff in a fit of anger:
  • Nico and Dani are watching Matt and Laura during a Hawks PR session. Nico comments that he knows Dani doesn't like Laura since she always squints when she doesn't like someone or something. A half-scene later after Dani has a conversation with Matt and Laura...
    Matt [handing Dani his sunglasses]: Here, have these. You're squinting like crazy.