YMMV: Mind Hunters

  • Complete Monster: The mysterious serial killer loves playing cat and mouse games with his victims. He infiltrates a group of trainee FBI profilers on a field mission to a deserted island used as a training ground by the bureau, where the trainees must solve a case involving a fictional serial killer called "the Puppeteer." The killer sets the island up with an array of booby traps and puzzles to kill them while watching from within the group to turn them against each other and give himself good sport. His cruelest murders include a victim being slowly killed with liquid nitrogen from the feet up, and another one burned to death from the inside out through acid-laced cigarettes. He kidnaps the trainees' supervisor (who had been monitoring the group in secret) and proceeds to torture him for days before preparing his corpse and hanging it up for the trainees to find as a sort of perverse puppet. It's only after his identity as Sarah's best friend Lucas is revealed that the true level of his manipulation becomes apparent, and he frankly admits he started his murder spree by killing his parents as a child and now simply enjoys a good hunt for new and more intelligent victims.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The last three standing in this murder mystery have all headlined recent CBS hit mystery shows: Kathryn Morris in Cold Case, LL Cool J in NCIS: Los Angeles, and Jonny Lee Miller in Elementary.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • The deaths are all pretty nasty, but one can imagine parents using a certain scene from this film to warn their children about the "dangers" of smoking.
    • Seeing Harris strung up to the ceiling, hanging by his face and limbs with hooks and wires was bad enough, but an alarm goes off that causes his body to jerk around like a puppet while children's music creepily plays.
    • The first murder, involving the victim getting sprayed with liquid nitrogen until they shatter into pieces, would not seem remotely out of place in a Saw film.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: FBI Agents isolated on an island facing a killer hidden among them who has studied them and preys on their psychological weaknesses? Definitely a cool concept. Too bad they follow it up with healthy doses of Gambit Roulette, The Untwist ( Seriously, did anyone expect LL Cool J to die? Or be the killer? Or NOT call Jonny Lee Miller as the killer?), and the Idiot Ball.