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YMMV: Men Behind the Sun

  • Base Breaker: The excruciating detail the movie goes into showing the war crimes. While such horrific acts did indeed happen, some have argued that, like films such as The Passion of the Christ, the film focuses too much on them, and not enough on the actual victims or perpetrator's reasons for doing so, making the whole thing come across as exploitative rather than informative.
  • Fridge Horror: Well, not so fridge, but when one remembers that this was based on a true story...
  • Nausea Fuel - The pressure chamber scene. Frankly, if a man's intestines squirting out of his anus doesn't warrant Brain Bleach, it's hard to conceive of what does.
  • Nightmare Fuel - Many of the experiments seemed to have no purpose other than creative abuse of the human body.
  • Squick - The experiments. All of them.

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