Film / Men Behind the Sun
The director T.F. Mou subtly presents the message of the film.

One of the most disturbing films to ever come out of Eastern Asia.

Released in 1988, Men Behind The Sun (Hei tai yang 731, The Black Sun (that is) Unit 731 in native Hong Kong) is a film about the Imperial Japanese Army's Unit 731, which during World War II conducted medical research and biological/chemical weapon experiments on captive human subjects. The film details many of the experiments carried out by the unit, and also follows a group of recruits to the unit's Youth Corps.

Men Behind The Sun is supposed to be a rather horrifyingly accurate depiction of Unit 731's activities in real life. However, the director based it on a fictional novel serialized in a Japanese Communist Party newspaper of questionable quality, to which can be traced the origins of many dubious facts regarding the Unit. Whether the film is a cheap Exploitation Film or a valid commentary on the behavior of the Japanese Army is debated. Either way, it's almost guaranteed to ruin your day.

This film provides examples of: