YMMV / Man v. Food

  • It's the Same, Now It Sucks!: Most of the series is practically the same thing. Adam sees new food and just eats it. Winning the challenge excluded, not many of the episodes mix things up.
  • National Stereotypes: To people outside the USA, this show tends to reinforce the idea that a goodly proportion of Americans are morbidly obese waddling gutbuckets. Given that the normal food serving is several times larger than comparable eateries in Europe - even before Adam gets onto the food challenge super-dupa-mega American Excess-style serving, this is not unreasonable. Those Americans trying to challenge the stereotype that most citizens are visibly obese have an extra hill to climb, now that this show is seen widely in Europe.
    • Over the course of four series, not very surprisingly, Adam visibly porks out. A lot. Just watch a distinctly obese Adam Richman cheerleading in the Brick Lane Curry house (a little bit of Indian Britain exported to the USA?)
  • Squick: Watching Adam get the "meat sweats" from too much hamburger, or watching him suffer though one of the 'spicy challenges' has made some viewers avert their eyes from the screen
    • Watching competitive eater Joey Chestnut crush the 18-inch long, five-pound "Burritozilla" in just over three minutes in the San Jose episode counts as this or a Crowning Moment of Awesome depending on your tolerance for watching enormous amounts of food get mashed in extremely short periods of time.
  • Suspiciously Similar Song: One recurring piece of background music sounds suspiciously like "Life in the Fast Lane" by The Eagles.