Funny / Man v. Food

  • In Puerto Rico, during the preparation of La Vaca Acosta challenge. Adam makes really funny commentary about the raising quantity of food.
    • "No and then!"
  • "I have the libido of 10000 men and can't do anything with it!"
  • From the "Stupid Wings" Challenge:
    Adam: (When pointing to the chef who is preparing said wings after he just added pure capsaicin extract to an already hotter than hell wing recipe) "You're a dick."
  • When Andrew Zimmern met him, and tasted lutefisk with him.
    • The fact that he said it took him a couple of years to even try it.
    Adam: Okay, the fact that you eat flies on a regular basis, but wouldn't eat lutefisk scares me.
    • And then after the actual tasting, Adam's face alone is priceless, but then...
    Andrew: Oh, this is some good lutefisk.
    Adam: How can you tell???
  • Boston's Hell Night, Pasta from Hell
    Adam: Its delicious, I know I'm suppose to sit here and cry cause thats what my producer wants but I'm not gonna.
    • Cue, 10 Seconds Later