YMMV / Major Payne

  • Crazy Awesome: In the opening scene, Payne runs headfirst into raging battle with a sidearm, no helmet, and single-handedly storms the enemy leader's stronghold. Recognizing his badass nature isn't to be messed with, those inside wisely surrender.
  • Fridge Brilliance: It's considered inappropriate for an officer to wear his dress uniform in a bar or club like Payne does on his date with Emily, especially given what a stickler he normally is for military regs. However, considering how rarely Payne appears to wear civilian clothing and how much disdain he has for civilian life (at first), that's likely the closest thing to a suit he has.
  • One-Scene Wonder: Michael Ironside as Alex's Abusive Dad.
  • Tear Jerker: Watch Alex's face when his drunk, abusive stepdad shows up.
    • The whole scene in general, makes you feel like you're watching a completely different movie.