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YMMV: Maid In Manhattan
  • Actor Allusion: Marisa lives in the Bronx, where Jennifer Lopez is from. In fact, Marisa's Cinderella-story is very similar to Lopez' meteoric rise to fame.
  • Designated Hero: Steph. She is the one who gets Marissa involved in the whole mess and then adds to her stress by submitting an application for the management position without her permission. She never gets punished for ruining Marissa's reputation and is never called out for her actions.
  • Designated Villain: Caroline Lane, Marisa's rival for Chris' affections (or so she thinks). When you think about it, she doesn't really do anything wrong but act like a flake and make a completely valid complaint about Marisa "borrowing" her clothes.
  • Strawman Has a Point: Caroline filing a complaint when she discovers Marissa has been wearing her clothes and using her identity. We, the audience, know Marissa didn't have any malicious intentions, but Caroline doesn't and has every right to be upset. It's unfortunate that it results in Marissa being fired, but that wasn't Caroline's doing, it was the hotel manager's.

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