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YMMV: Magical Vacation
  • Demonic Spiders: The space police on your second visit to Erd. The Pirate Otters and most of the mooks in Gren if you decide to go there before you go to Puffoon.
  • Fanon Discontinuity: For pretty much everyone, the ending. Specifically the Where Are They Now epilogue.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Your second visit to Gren and Erd. And then... You carry around what's LEFT of Semolina as a Cosmic Keystone. And the final dungeon. Just...poor Pirate Otters.
    • To elaborate on that "second visit to Erd". As it turns out, all robots, Mokka included, use gummy batteries. What are these batteries made of? Humans that turned into gummies while trying to make the Cosmic Keystone gummies. It's also said that when they run out of these former humans and other things to make their power cells with, they will all forcibly have their programming over run to attack every civilization in the solar system for more. Yes, including Mokka. That not enough? Also during your second visit to Erd, you can go up to the top of Kahve Ruins after recharging Mokka's battery. Know what you'll find? Applepie, or as she's better known, Gummy Girl. This is one of the first humans to be turned into a gummy. However, she, unlike the others, retained her sentience. So ever since she was transformed- around or over 800 years ago, mind you- she has sat in agonizing torment at the top of the tower, waiting for someone to give her the sweet embrace of death.
  • Those Two Bosses: Lt. Mugwort and the Holy Sapling.
    • The Gummy Girl on Erd. Frequently inflicts curse to keep you from healing, two out of three of her skills hit the entire party which is the main reason WHY she constantly inflicts curse, and to top if off she takes a ton of punishment before going down.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: Chai is explicitly a male. But also has high pitched battle cries and the sound he makes when he's talking is the tone usually reserved for either females or young kids. What makes this more confusing is that there's no visible difference between male and female Salamanders other than things like hair and clothing. So the only evidence Chai is male is that he dresses like a male.
  • Villain Decay: Master Chard's first boss fight is probably the most formidable in the game. The second time is almost as bad...if you didn't learn anything from the first time you fought him. The third basically a Curb-Stomp Battle.
  • Waggle: The button controls for Starsign are slower and at times nonexistent compared to the touchscreen controls. Now consider how most RPGs lack touchscreen controls altogether...
  • The Woobie: Definitely Semolina, and a number of others too.

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