YMMV / Lost Universe

  • Awesome Music: Infinity
  • Fanon - Mostly the 'Lost Universe is in the same Universe as Slayers'; this would, among other things, mean that Canal and Darkstar would have the trope God Was My Copilot. This is under fan debate, of course...
  • Fridge Brilliance - And a touch of Fridge Horror in Canal's obsession with equipping herself with ordinary weapons. None of the normal stuff she picks up can hold a candle to her Lost Ship tech so it's kind of odd that she goes on and on trying to beg borrow or steal mundane cannons and missiles for herself, until we discover that Her Lost Ship weapons consume her pilot's body and soul for fuel, and her last pilot died from overusing them.
  • Strawman Has a Point - Canal wanting to get rid of Millie is understandable because she adds a lot of expenses to their already-strained budget. The fact Millie absolutely refuses to ever use the food synthesiser, despite knowing that she cannot hand-make anything without blowing up the kitchen, is an added deal breaker; as Canal points out, having to repair the kitchen three times a day, seven days a week, is expensive. Plus, Canal is a Spaceship Girl — how would you like somebody detonating bombs inside of your body?
  • Tear Jerker -
    • After Canal takes out Gorn Nova in the anime, the data banks of the Swordbreaker are slowly consumed by fire. Embrace plays in the background as we see shots of her and Kane as children, slowly fading away as her memory is destroyed. As she herself vanishes, she says, "They weren't all bad memories, were they, Kane?"
    • The manga also has Anise, a young girl who slowly warms up to Kane and Millie, and is in the early stages of Clone Degeneration when she comes to the Swordbreaker's defense, and activates the Plasma Blaster. Even as she fades out of existence, she seems so happy, and runs to the main characters smiling.
    Did you see it? Did you see it? I did it! I helped! Now I can stay here forever, right? I'm gonna get better. I promise! 'Cause when I do, you promised you'd take me all sorts of pla... ces... Now we can be together forever...forever...