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YMMV: Legend of the Seeker
  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Some fans question what took place in the alternate timeline of "Reckoning". Is it possible Darken Rahl actually began to love Kahlan for real? When his reluctant wife was shown pregnant and he mentioned that she made him happier than he ever was, was he gloating or showing genuine joy? Was his pinching his newborn son to make him cry to keep Kahlan from killing his heir for power or to keep the idea of having a family from falling apart? Kahlan mentioned he was going to kill her after their son's birth, but didn't. Was it so she could raise their son or did he truly start to love her? Of course, they both die and Richard averts this timeline, so it remains unclear to some.
  • Author's Saving Throw: When Nicci originally appeared, she didn't look at all like her book incarnation and did not wear black. Then she was resurrected in a blonde body. Then she became Badass. Then, for the season finale, she put on a black dress.
  • Cliché Storm or Troperiffic: The show is a fantasy cliche hurricane. However, many of its fans cite this as why they love the show so much.
  • Complete Monster: Darken Rahl is an Evil Overlord who takes things as far as he can. Ordering a mass infanticide, Rahl kills any he deems a threat and preys on innocent peasants to keep his dark power. Rahl is also especially fond of blood sacrifices, using the blood for ink to work his journey book. Rahl also uses magical weapons of mass destruction and then a magical plague on punish people helping Richard, wiping out entire villages. Throughout the series, Rahl is shown as nothing more than pure, unadulterated evil.
  • Engaging Chevrons: When Kahlan uses her Mind Control "Confession" power on a person the first time, the clouds part, the sky darkens, thunder rumbles, her eyes go black, and she passes out for nearly a minute. Averted, in that the production quickly tones it down for subsequent uses. By the second season, she barely breaks her stride.
  • Even the Girls Want Her: Kahlan/Bridget Regan seems to have attract a lot of this from fans, who knows why.
  • Foe Yay
    • In the episode "Home," Rahl, as part of a spell inflicting a Lotus-Eater Machine on Richard, ends up role-playing as an old girlfriend of Richard's.
    • And apparently the Keeper and the Creator were once lovers. Part of the reason he wants to end all life is he's jealous of the affection she shows to them. And in "Creator", he desperately tries to have her avatar dragged into the Underworld to be with him again.
    • There's also quite a bit when Nicci is forcing Richard to lead her to the Stone of Tears.
  • Growing the Beard: The first two episodes are rather rushed, basically cramming the first third of the original book, ''Wizard's First Rule'', into an hour and a half of screen time. The rest of the episodes have a more relaxed pace, and are a substantial improvement. In the premiere of the second season, this trope took a literal approach as well (Richard actually grew a beard.)
    • The second season marks a noticeable improvement. The series becomes darker and there is much more suffering for both the main cast and the people around them. The D'Haran army, now leaderless, has turned to pillaging and terrorizing villages and towns, each commander fashioning himself into a warlord. There is also some (very welcomed) character development, especially with regards to Richard: he no longer carries the Idiot Ball all the time and at several points displays downright tactical genius (tracking the movements of invisible wizard-monsters by the tracks they leave in the mud; the way he both had the Sister of Dark captured AND got out of the Sisters of Light monastery). The addition of Cara to the main cast has also improved the series, since she is not only eye candy but has an interesting character development arc of her own.
  • Les Yay
    • The two Mord-Sith with speaking roles in the second season opener, one of them played by Charisma Carpenter.
    • Cara's emotional growth through season 2 has centered mostly on her growing friendship with Kahlan, and generated a strong femslash following.
    • After several teasing shots of the Mord-Sith giving each other sponge baths, the two in question kiss in a later scene. Can also qualify as Fanservice. Cara's reaction to Triana's death in the Season One finale might suggest more to that relationship in the show, especially in light of "Eternity" and Cara's canon relationship with Dahlia. Let's just say the Sisters of the Agiel are all really close "friends".
  • Tear Jerker: The end of the first part of the second season finale. We've gotten to know Cara as a tough, no nonsense Mord-Sith who had nearly all her kindness and compassion beaten out of her. Then we're introduced to a Cara who got to live the peaceful life of a schoolteacher and has two young children with the man of her dreams... seconds before Zedd needs to turn back time and give her back the life she used to have as a Mord-Sith. Seeing Cara, bound, confused, panicking, and pleading for the sake of her children is... hard to watch.
  • The Woobie: Among the first things which happens to Jennsen Rahl are getting kidnapped and then watching her mother die. It tends to get worse from there, and in the first half of the Season Two finale, in an alternate timeline, she's kidnapped by Sisters of the Dark, who drain her blood and leave her to bleed slowly to death.
    • Kahlan Amnell, even more so in the alternate future of Season 1's finale, Reckoning. After seeing her friend Zedd killed and her love seemingly vaporized in an explosion, she's captured by Rahl and is given a marriage proposal so that he can end the resistance and have a powerful heir. She refuses and gets sent to a dungeon, where she learns Richard has been sent to the future and needs Confessor magic to return to his own time. With no other option, she accepts Rahl's proposal to ensure Confessors will survive. So, to save the world and the man she loved she had to marry the man she had nothing but hate for and let him impregnate her, raising a son she knew might one day become corrupt by his own power and be killed when she realized he had become too corrupt to help Richard and kill her own son.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks: While there are legitimate grievances to be had, some of the earliest complaints were along the lines of "They changed Rahl's hair color! SAM RAIMI MUST DIE!"
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: The last episode of season one features two stories that connect. One of Richard and Cara in the future trying to return home, the other is an alternate timeline where Kahlan marries Rahl so she can give birth to an heir that will help Richard return home. The last episode felt like it crammed two episodes together. Both sides might have worked better if they were their own episodes. Especially Kahlan's marriage to Darken Rahl, which seems to be popular with fanfiction writers.
  • Too Cool to Live: Care bore Darken Rahl a son, whom he had killed at birth. Just let all of that sink in for a moment. It may be a nod to a scene in the books, where Cara notes that Darken Rahl had taken her to his bed several times, but she was lucky enough not to get pregnant (in the books he tended to kill the mothers as well, and it happened to a number of her friends).
  • What an Idiot: Darken Rahl trying to seduce Nicci in Tears.

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