Funny / Legend of the Seeker

  • Cara acquiring transportation.
    Cara: I asked our "friends" if we could borrow their horses.
    (camera cuts to a field full of dead bodies)
    Cara: They didn't object.
  • An even better one occurred in "Fury." Cara hunts several rabbits for a group they're protecting, but being strict vegetarian pacifists, they don't eat anything that's been killed.
    Cara: Actually, I found them by the side of the road, where they died a peaceful, natural death.
  • Also, "Princess" stands out as the funniest episode yet. From Cara trying to act like a prim and proper Princess (and failing) to Zedd acting the part of a prim and proper dowager duchess (and succeeding).
    Cara: (after the Margrave's herald hits on Zedd) It seems you have an admirer.
    Zedd: (indignantly) Is there any reason why I shouldn't?
    • Particularly hilarious is when Zedd demonstrates the rhyming speech women in the court must use, and Cara comes up with an interesting theme for her own.
  • And Richard realizing the Margrave's sister he has to seduce isn't the beautiful woman beside him, but the... larger woman next to her.
    Richard: ...Spirits be with me.
    • Later on, the Margrave's sister manages to stick to the rhyme scheme while talking to the Margrave — while sobbing uncontrollably. It's fairly impressive.
  • And when Zedd was trying to teach Cara to dance. One fan site compared what she ended up doing to krumping, and wasn't far off.
  • In "Extinction", Richard and Kahlan are saying good-bye:
    Cara: Can we speed this up? She loves you, you love her. I should protect her as if she were you. Did I miss anything? We could be halfway there by the time you finish your good-byes.
  • "Mirror" is pretty much one whole episode of this; apparently Craig Horner and Bridget Regan asked for an episode where they got to be funny.
  • Perdition:
    Leo: For you. [Beat] It matchs your leather.