YMMV / Laura Caxton

  • Complete Monster: Justinia Malvern was a sociopath as a human who arranged her own uncle's death—after accusing him of molesting her—when he wouldn't give her candy. Upon becoming a vampire, Justinia became a sadistic murderer, killing humans for sport while torturing her maker to death and killing his predecessors as well. When her body failed her, Justinia used her powers to seduce wealthy men, sway them into doing her bidding and having sons to continue the line, before murdering them. When the remainder of the vampires were destroyed, Justinia was held for twenty years by the state of Pennsylvania. Forming a mutual enmity with state trooper Laura Caxton, Justinia tricks her mentor and Justinia's former arch-nemesis Jameson Arkeley into letting Justinia turn him to fight other vampires, but corrupts Arkeley into a monster. Later taking over a woman's prison, Justinia massacres the population or turns others into vampires before escaping, pursued by Laura. Jusitnia proceeds to try to kill everyone Laura ever loves, massacring humans by the dozens to regain her old strength. Even the prospect of her own species' extinction doesn't trouble Justinia, as she views herself as the most powerful, ruthless and devious vampire to have ever lived.
  • Squick - During daylight vampires quite literally melt away into a horrid goo infested with maggots and other horrible stuff.