YMMV / Kingdoms of Thorn and Bone

  • Complete Monster: Robert Dare is the ambitious younger brother of King William Dare of Crotheny and one of the key players in the series's Big Bad Ensemble. Extremely self-centered, Robert murdered his twin sister Lesbeth—the only person he felt any affection for—in a fit of jealousy because she got engaged without telling him, and later took part in a conspiracy to murder his brother and nieces to clear his way to the throne. Killed himself by the dying William, Robert was brought back to an undead state by a curse and picked up where he left off, usurping his sister-in-law Muriele and attempting to rape her, and having a composer brutally tortured for writing an opera that criticized him. When that same composer tried to kill Robert using cursed music that Robert's undead nature left him immune to, he stole the composition so he could use it as a weapon himself. When Robert's youngest niece Anne arrived at the head of an army to reclaim her throne, he tried to kill her under a flag of truce and then fled north to Crotheny's traditional rival, Hansa, where he manipulated the aging king into declaring a holy war against Anne, with full intention of betraying Hansa too. When Muriele came north to negotiate peace, Robert killed her using his stolen music.