YMMV / Kaamelott

  • Crowning Music of Awesome: The last couple of minutes of Book VI, part of the soundtrack of a 1970s French film, Jo. Livre VI is dedicated to Louis de Funès and the use of the music by Alexandre Astier is a Homage.
  • Genius Bonus: Several, especially when you know Arthurian lore.
    • In one episode, Bohort shows up with a (made-up) story involving a dragon, forbidden love and a brother's betrayal. One of the Arthurian myths sees Bohort trapped between rescuing a Damsel in Distress or helping his brother Lionnel. He chooses the princess, and his brother (somewhat miffed) tries to kill him, killing Calogrenant in the process.
    • One of the Livre V episodes is called Jizō, after a Japanese divinity who guards the souls of dead children. At the end of the episode Arthur is told that the daughter he knew he had didn't survive longer than a couple of weeks.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: In one of Mevanwi's early appearances, she asks Karadoc if he wants to keep her (and if so, he'll take a bath, now). A few seasons and a wife-swap later...
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: "La Morsure du Dace" has Arthur turned into a vampire following an encounter with a Dacian (Dacia was the Classical name of the territory roughly corresponding to modern day Romania). Astier went on to voice the Dracula Expy Vladislav in the French dub of What We Do in the Shadows.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Several, despite the sheer amount of idiocy among the characters. The main one, and the most recurring one, is Arthur; the best examples can be found in the Moment of Awesome section.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • The quote on the bottom, « C'est pas faux... » (at least in France).
    • « Elle est où la poulette ? Elle est bien cachée ? » ("Where's the chicken? Is it hidden well?") by Kadoc.
    • Bohort in Berserk Mode. « MÉCRÉAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANT !!! » (mécréant = unbeliever)
    • The Burgund king's mangled attempts at speaking Briton. "Artour!" and "Couillère" spring to mind.
    • The 2017 French presidential election saw several campaign posters for characters as candidates, featuring some of their more interesting lines as party slogans, such as Léodagan's "Burn Everything, for a fresh start."
  • What an Idiot!: Yvain, Gauvain, Perceval and Karadoc are the four horsemen of this trope.
    • Bohort gets a shining example in "Le Négociateur", when he bribes an invading army by giving them swamps in exchange for not attacking. Kaamelott is surrounded by said swamps, allowing the barbarians to attack from all sides.
    • Perceval regularly screws up important quests. It's possible he once found the nails of the Holy Cross and the Holy Shroud and threw them both away, unaware of their nature (or even what the Holy Cross or Shroud were).
    • Season 4's watchtower subplot pays off with one of the biggest yet: Yvain and Gauvain sound the alarm concerning the massive fleet of Viking drakkars headed for the coast (they didn't recognize the flags, as they never paid attention in class). They light the fire too late to bring in catapults, and it turns out they don't have any messenger pigeons either, because cleaning up their crap was, like, so boring. The Stinger shows that Léodagan left them in the tower to fend off the attack... and honestly, you can't really blame him.