YMMV / June Bug

  • Alternate Character Interpretation:
    • It's never said just why there's bad blood between George and Johnny. There could be a Noodle Incident that drove them apart, or just jealousy. After all, George is now successful and in Chicago, while Johnny is a dropout married to a woman he doesn't seem to care much about.
    • Some people like to think that Ashley and George may have been involved at some point, due to the intimate scene they have in the hospital. Others see it as a surrogate brother/sister relationship - since Ashley never shows any jealousy of Madeleine and only wants to be friends.
    • It's never explained why George doesn't allow Madeleine to come to the hospital and see Ashley after her miscarriage. After she chose work instead of going straight to the hospital, it could be his way of punishing her for choosing work over family - as Ashley is shown to be very important to him. Or it could be because he didn't want Madeleine and Ashley to bond too much, since that might mean a reason for them to have to return again - something George is implied not to want.
  • Just Here for Godzilla: Some don't think the film is that good, but Amy Adams's performance is near-universally praised.
  • The Scrappy: Few have any love for Peg, given that she's implied to be My Beloved Smother and appears to have favoured George over Johnny all the boys' lives. That's not to mention how cold and distant she is to Madeleine, at least until the end anyway.
  • Tear Jerker:
    • Ashley losing her baby and then breaking down in the hospital is definitely a whiplash from her previous cheerful self. It's especially said when she asks "what about all that stuff I bought?" - and you realise she spent months preparing for a baby's arrival and now she'll have to get rid of it all.
    • There's also the reactions of everyone once they're back at the house. Peg sits alone at the kitchen table and abruptly starts crying, as does Madeleine outside.
  • The Woobie: Poor Ashley.