YMMV / Illium

  • Complete Monster: The advanced human who has taken the identity of Zeus overthrew his parents by banishing them to a hellish dimension of infinite pain. Taking over Mars with the other "Gods", Zeus keeps them in line via brutality and threats, deciding to recreate the Trojan War on an alternate world, subjecting countless innocents to death and destruction for fun. When he feels the game is insufficiently entertaining, Zeus simply drops a powerful bomb on the city of Troy to kill thousands. When Hera attempts to stop Zeus, he simply murders her himself and decides to simply exterminate all humanity and start over with creations of his own before moving on to other dimensions and timelines until he is the only god and all that exists submits to him or dies, even banishing his own son Achilles to the same dimension as his parents when he defies his mad father.
  • Genius Bonus: Catching all of the various literary references from the overt to the subtle make reading these novels a rip-roaring ride for those inclined towards voracious reading habits.
  • Ho Yay: Mahnmut believes he sees this in Shakespeare's 116 sonnet to the mysterious "Young Man." In a feverish dream though, Mahnmut's dream version of Shakespeare is quick to disabuse him of the notion. Played straight with Achilles and Patroclus though, much to Hockenberry's disgust.