• Accidental Innuendo: Yes, believe it or not, by Word of God one of these exists in a gay furry comic—a very large number of readers gave an entirely different meaning to Maureen's words in issue 10 about her car.
    Maureen: My car has four seats. Roomy ones. Theo—er, Thor can vouch for that.
  • Badass Decay: Subverted for Character Development. In Doug's Back Story, he was the Hangout's bouncer, but never had any aggressiveness, managing to expel troublesome patrons based on his intimidating size alone scaring them away. When he got glasses though, it made him less intimidating, and useless as a bouncer, which is why the Hangout hired Cody to replace him. The glasses also had an effect of making Doug sexier to Cody.
  • Crowning Moment of Awesome: "Psychobitchaphilia".
    • Cody's feigning interest in a threesome with Doug and Steve (to the stunned shock of the entire Hangout) so as to trick the druggie into going to the police precinct has to be his CMOA for the entire comic—seeing as it combines him admitting his orientation in public (something he never could have done even six issues previously), some very clever improvisational thinking, and getting a real asshole his comeuppance. This even leads eventually into Maureen's CMOA: agreeing to be the judge on Steve's case. Seating herself at the bench, she only smiles at him. Steve thinks this means Maureen likes him and he can charm his way out of jail. The reader knows better.
  • Crowning Moment of Funny: Cody's "lovefest" on the phone with Sam in issue 6, when they are pretending to be seeing each other...only to have Jake walk in during it.
    Cody: And one more thing before I forget, sweetie, you—whaaaat? Oh, come on, you better get used to that, sugarlips. Honeybun. Cuteypie. My widdle schnoogie woogiekins! Yes! Yes you are! You know you love it! No, don't hang up, I can keep it up...all night! (sees Jake peering up at him on top of the bunk bed) Uh...how long have you been there?
    Jake: 'Nuff t' heah tha interestin' part.
    Cody (beet red): Gotta go.
  • Ho Yay: Lots and lots of it.
  • LGBT Fanbase: Most of the characters. But it's a comic for a gay audience, so this is a no-brainer.
  • One-Scene Wonder: Becky, in issue 1.
    Sam, regarding Cody: He's a walking lawsuit waiting to happen...bad-tempered, arrogant, belligerent—