YMMV / Hustle

  • Fridge Logic: Many of the concepts on the show are traditional cons that were prominent back in the 1930s. Unfortunately modern technology makes things much different. Why wouldn't a mark check the media and realize that there wasn't really a shooting where the crew faked one? How would the classic Spanish Prisoner still work given how interconnected the modern world is?
    • It's the equivalent of And Some Other Stuff. If they show workable cons, people will actually try them. The Spanish Prisoner is directly equivalent to the Nigerian Banker scam, and people fall for that.
    • They repeatedly say that you cannot con an honest man, yet actively DO con an honest man with short cons that have nothing to do with greed. Or, if argued that he's only pulled into them because of greed, then they're just as greedy and so claims it's not about the money rangs hollow.
    • Mickey repeatedly states that he is not a thief. Ignoring that he is a con artist - thus is a thief, he's shown actively defrauding hotels, restaurants, and so forth all the time.
    • The Season 1 finale features a past mark coming after the crew for revenge. When they confront them, it's pointed out that if they give him fake money, he'll just come back after them. They ultimately give him fake money & he finds out. What's to stop him from tracking them back down again and harming them?
  • Magnificent Bastard: The main characters don't qualify, because they're the protagonists. However, Joseph Whittaker-Wright III certainly does.
  • Retroactive Recognition: Angel Coulby (now best known for playing Queen Guinevere in Merlin) appears in one episode as a secretary.
  • Tear Jerker: The end of season 7.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: Mickey when cursed. The job as led by Ash ultimately goes well enough and Mickey overall stays out of things for the most part. Given that he had his luck gone and was Brought Down to Normal for the episode, there was far more potential regarding how that could have negatively effected the job, creating drama & complications, than explored.