YMMV / Hunger Games OCT

  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Most of the Non Player Characters are prone to this, as is the nature with non-player characters. Kane, however, seems to be the most susceptible to this trope, ranging from iron-fisted politician to pure evil. There also exist different interpretations of his backstory.
    • Speaking of Kane; In some stories, Kane's atrociousness goes beyond ordinary human flaws and into the realm of total evil. In one particular incarnation of his backstory, as a child, he tortured animals, harassed servants, and eventually KILLED HIS PARENTS.
    • Kane And Abel: In the same story, He maintains a seriously unstable relationship with his sister Lavender Selene, whom he tormented as a child.
  • Crack Pairing: Happens often in the OOC chats, especially with Jack Rackam.
    • Apparently, also with Ginger and Ame, according to this comment.
  • Memetic Mutation: Among the contestants, Ame's silk boxers, President Kane's Panties, and Ginger Darton the Underwear Thief are all linked and giggle-inducing.
    • Sassy Gay Reinald is a new development as well. [1] [2]
  • Ho Yay: Vinca dips into this trope a lot with Maurice on stage. Then again, that's when he's on camera.
    • Maurice apparently somehow left his boxers at Vinca's place, if he's telling the truth on his talk show.