YMMV / Highlander: The Animated Series

  • Designated Hero: Quentin MacLeod is not a particularly likable or engaging protagonist. Hell, you'll spend most of the show being more interested in Ramirez than him (which probably means that Rule of Sean Connery works to an extent even if all the Sean Connery you have is a cartoon rendering of his character).
  • Moment of Awesome: After one immortal broke his oath, Ramirez took back his sword and sternly threatened Kortan not to interfere with his business. This was enough for the Big Bad to act shit-scared and recall an encounter seven centuries earlier that nearly resulted in Ramirez's victory.
  • Narm: Kortan's "Nooooo!" in the first episode.
  • The Problem with Licensed Games: Highlander: Last of the MacLeods for the infamous Atari Jaguar CD. The graphics are sub-par, the controls are clumsy, with a lot of Hitbox Dissonance during fights, there's a large amount of Camera Screw, and the exploration parts of the game basically amount to Moon Logic Puzzles with a large amount of inconsistency.
  • The Scrappy: Both Quentin MacLeod and his sister.