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YMMV: Helloween 4545
  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Played for Laughs in his LP of Silent Hill 3 in which he makes comments about Heather Mason being a secret crack addict.
    • Done again with his newest Let's Play of Cry of Fear. Simon is also a drug addict. He also references Heather.
    • Because of Point Man's ability to slaughter endless waves of mooks and survive basically survive anything prompted Helloween to dub him 'FPS Jesus'. The Sergeant from Perseus Mandate wasn't quite as cool, so he was dubbed 'FPS Moses'.
    • Instead of merely 'collecting' birds in Condemned, Ethan Thomas instead has a voice inside his head that compels him to eat them.
    • We can now add Alan Wake to the list. He sneers at just about everything that does not please him. Also, he has to eat the coffee thermoses, like Ethan eats the birds.
  • Awesome Moment: Generally speaking whenever he's being really good at a game more specifically that time he shotgunned two REV6 powered armours to death in First Encounter Assault Recon Extraction Point.
  • The Scrappy: The Darkling Imp starts out as this, due to his 'hillarious' english accent, prompting Helloween to kill him when he can. Later on though...

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