Funny / Helloween 4545

  • In his Let's Play of Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth, Helloween goes on an angry and Cluster F-Bomb-fueled rant deconstructing But Thou Must! and Skewed Priorities immediately after his character is asked to get a locket back when trying to escape Innsmouth.
    Helloween: "I hate it when something bad is going on, and there's always that ONE PERSON that's like 'oh, you have to get my precious heirloom'. You know what? Fuck. You. I don't give a crap about your shitty locket, I want to get the fuck out of here!"
  • More recently, in his Let's Play of Doom 3, he occasionally brings up the fact that there are goodies always hidden in the bathrooms of horror games. Finally reaches its apex in the second half of part twelve:
    Helloween: "Is there a TV Tropes page for goodies in the toilets? 'Cause if not, someone should make one and quote me. I will quote now—you can add me as a page quote, okay? Helloween says, 'There will always be goodies in any horror game's toilet. Check 'em out. Toilets: Guaranteed to give you happiness."
  • In his Silent Hill 3 series, the second video has Helloween's recap of the series which just is completely jarring to the game's tone, not mention his American accent.
  • In Penumbra: Black Plague, during a setpiece moment he appropriately calls "A Trip To Silent Hill", he wakes up in a corridor full of hands. The first thing he does is shake one of them.
    Helloween: "Ey, hands! Good day!"
  • In one of his videos, Helloween's reaction to seeing a hostile dog in Red Lake is to stop talking and laugh at how horrible it looks for a good 30 seconds. It's way funnier than it sounds and his other reactions to the later parts of the game deserve special mention too, especially this:
    (hearing his dead character walking) Helloween: "You are dead! But I must continue walking for I am Walkitron, Lord King Walk from the land of Walking! Please, life nor death will stop me from pacing through these fucking forests of doom!"
  • Helloween ranting on about wasps and how evil they are
  • Just about any segment in all of his videos that makes him sound like a chipmunk.
    • Or the ones in which he rages instead.
  • Helloween's and Kikoskia's 'Let's Play' of Ian Livingstone's Adventures of Goldhawk books. Their voice acting, improv, nitpicking and their unique yet hilarious spin on the characters must be heard to be believed
  • Helloween's Alternate Character Interpretation of his characters from Bloodborne and Dark Souls III, who are basically collecting taxesnote  from their enemies throughout the course of their games.