YMMV / Hell Night

    The Movie 
  • What an Idiot!: Oh Jeff, just because you managed to chase away the killer, that doesn't mean you should go after him.

    The Game 


  • Esoteric Happy Ending: Almost every ending FMV except for Kamiya's/Dark Messiah ending.
  • Paranoia Fuel
  • Special Effect Failure: No matter who your partner is, later on, you see a ghostly vision of Naomi in a field of sunflowers. The problem is, the sunflowers are a real life photograph (rather than any in-game rendering or pre-rendered background) and they are the exact same colour as the name text. Oops.
  • That One Disadvantage: Besides the game making you a One-Hit-Point Wonder, if you lose a companion, and choose to not recruit another one, you're doing this trope on purpose. Some companions has a few disadvantages, which can make you easier to get killed or cornered: Naomi can't doing anything, besides serving as a radar (until later), Ivanoff and Kamiya can stun the monster, but lacks Naomi's radar (and the latter locks you into a bad ending), and Rene has limited stuns, and the same disadvantage as Ivanoff and Kamiya.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: The companion mechanic.
    • With a companion, you can survive a hit, but you lose said companion.
    • Keeping Naomi alive: Makes the whole game a No-Damage Run. Given her radar ability, it shouldn't be too hard, but screw up once, and you'll need to save scum.
    • Getting new companions: If you lose one, very far away from the town-hub, you'll have to navigate the gameworld without getting hit once, find the available companion of your choice, and continue.

Nightmare Fuel

  • Fridge Horror: Be chased through the underground by cultists and a monster, just to find out that you are the reason behind not only the train wreckage, but also the kidnappings that have been going on. And why? Because you are the Dark Messiah. Finding out that multiple people have been kidnapped, and finding out your a monster, must be horrible.