Characters / Hell Night

This is the character page for the game.


The Player

The main character or "You". The personality of the character both depends on the partner recruited, and how the player acts, although it's not shown that much. The player is unable to attack or stun the monster by themselves, but with the help of certain partners, they can stun it.

  • Action Duo: The protagonist, with any character that isn't Naomi.
  • Action Survivor: Along with Naomi.
  • Blank Slate: The protagonist's responses to their companions vary on their companion, giving a blank and featureless character some flavor.
  • Featureless Protagonist: The game tells you that you're the main character. That's it, no other info.
    • The Japanese version, supposedly contains more background on the character. According to the original Japanese languaged introduction, you're office worker on his way home, which sets your gender as male and puts you atleast somewhere near mid-20s/30s.
  • Tomato in the Mirror: The Dark Messiah is you!

Naomi Sugiura

After being the other surviving person on the train wreck, she decides to follow you. She is the first partner you can have, and has quite the advantage of showing the position of the monster. Although she's pretty passive, she's quite a nice person.

  • Action Survivor: Along with the protagonist.
  • All of the Other Reindeer: Viewing her memories, it's made clear that Naomi's psychic abilities have caused her to be ostracized by her friends and mother from a young age onwards.
  • Brown Note: Strangely enough, can sometimes have this effect on the monster, occasionally stopping it in its tracks for a moment like any other companion.
  • Enemy-Detecting Radar: Her special ability. Although there's only one enemy, it's still useful.

Kyoji Kamiya

A serial killer with a gun, which he got from his first victim. Who was a police officer. He also kills stuff out of boredom. He's the second partner the player can encounter, and have him follow them around if Naomi died. He can stun the monster with his gun. He was also on the train the player and Naomi was on, but he managed to escape before both of them recovered.

  • Combat Pragmatist: Nicked the gun from a police officer he killed and isn't afraid to use it.
  • Serial Killer: The number of people he killed is unknown, but when you know that his first victim was an officer, equipped with a gun, he surely makes the list.

Leroy Ivanoff

He was sent in with his squad to wipe out the monster. It went... bad. Being the only survivor of the squad, he decided to hunt it down, finish the mission, and escape. Now he's stuck in The Mesh. He carries a rocket launcher that can stun the monster for a while.

Rene Lorraine

After hearing about the kidnappings done by the cultists, she decided to get the scoop of the year. Easier said than done. After following the cultists to reveal why they are kidnapping people, she finds herself stuck in the underground tunnels of Tokyo. She is the last partner the player can recruit. She also carries an Uzi, but with a limited amount of ammo, requiring the player to be careful.

That Which Wanders

When you get to the Eldritch Location, you see The Monster attack a being who is later named as "That Which Wonders". If you do not have a partner with you, That Which Wanders will be the next partner.


The Cult

A mysterious cult that believes that the end is nigh and that the world will be judged by their Dark Messiah. They chase you during the introduction movie for the game.

The Monster

Also known as the Hybrid, a rather weird creature that has been the cause of the train crash. The intro shows that previously, the monster was a scientist at a lab, but after an accident, it turned into what it now is. It will chase the player throughout the game and evolve into a stronger and faster version of itself as you get closer to the end.

The Dark Messiah

A messiah that the cult believes will be The End of the World as We Know It by judging humanity.