YMMV / Gigi

  • Adaptation Displacement: The musical and film are more known than the original short story. There was also a French film made of the story in 1948 which is practically unheard of.
  • Values Dissonance: Lots. The men celebrate driving a woman to (attempted) suicide, gossip is the order of the day, and Gigi's grandmother and grand-aunt work very hard at training her to be a disposable mistress. They even negotiate the size of the apartment and number of servants she will get in exchange for her virginity.
    • The first real song of the musical has an old man singing about how awesome little girls are, because of their potential to grow up and become hot. This is treated as him being a charming wit, and not a pedophile. The 2015 revival had to give the song to Gigi's grandmother and grand-aunt to make it palatable to a 2010s audience.
    • Possible Incest: During "I Remember It Well" it is revealed that Grandmama and Honore' were lovers - and that she left him. So Mama the opera singer could be his child, and thus Gigi his granddaughter and Max's first cousin once removed. Whoops.