YMMV / Gex

  • Camera Screw: Gex: Enter the Gecko has three different camera views to choose from. None are very good.
  • Cult Classic: Fans of the series even petitioned for Gex to be included in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale
  • Ear Worm:
    • "He is a, GEX! T-Rex? Uh uh, he's Gex! WHAT!? GEX! He's a wise-crackin' cousin of the tar-pit gang!"
    • "He's a cold-blooded brother of the B.C. boys!"
  • Fanon: Gex's last name is Gecko. "The name is Gecko, Gex Gecko."
  • Flanderization: In the first two games, Gex was generally a Deadpan Snarker who occasionally performed some vocal impersonations of various movie characters and had an affair with Nikki at the end. In Deep Cover Gecko, he effectively became a saurian version of Austin Powers; his comments and behavior were more lewd, he had more interest with sex than with TV, and a lot of his impersonations were of Austin Powers.
  • Funny Moments: Gex's one-liners will get a few chuckles out of you.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: In the Circuit Central levels of Enter the Gecko, on of Gex's one liners is as follows:
    Gex: Boys! TRON didn't work once, it's not gonna work twice!
  • Most Annoying Sound: One of the reasons the camera is so infamous in Gex: Enter the Gecko is because of the incredibly annoying error sound that plays whenever you can't move the camera. Expect to hear it a LOT when playing the game.
    • Gex's comments are also seen as annoying by many, though the British voice is generally received much better.
      Huggbees: His delivery is like if Cookie Masterson's wife died and he had to keep on just to make ends meet.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • Rez and his respective stages, which both add a dark atmosphere to the usually cartoony game, and the floors and walls of the levels appear to be made out of metal and flesh. The idea of Rez abducting innocent people to be mascots for his network is unnerving, too.
    • The life-loss fanfare from Enter The Gecko might make you jump the first time you hear it, but the game over music is an Up to Eleven horror remix, to really let you know you messed up. Deep Cover Gecko shares a fanfare for losing a life and getting a game over, but fortunately it's more comical than scary.
    • The mystery level in Deep Cover Gecko. Particularly the part where the taxidermy bear statues come to life and prowl around the mansion.
    • One commercial for Enter the Gecko parodied the movie Scream (1996) and had Gex calling up a woman and questioning her about her TV. He goes into increasing detail until it's obvious he's in the house with her. He doesn't do anything, but the supposedly heroic gecko gives off some really uncomfortable stalker vibes.
    • The boss of Planet X in the first game is a slow walking digitized man made out of liquid Rez. It's completely unlike the other flashier and goofier bosses and generally seems incomplete, like it doesn't really belong anywhere in the game.
    • Some of the Scream TV levels of Enter the Gecko have faces lurching of the walls, biting at Gex, and making an inhuman moaning noise that can be heard across the room. In a level full of horror spoofs, these stand out as legitimately creepy.
      • Similar faces appear in Deep Cover Gecko's Tut TV level. However, these faces actually have human features, causing them to fall squarely into the Uncanny Valley.
  • Porting Disaster: The developers of Gex: Enter the Gecko were unfamiliar with the N64's hardware and it shows. The sequel fared somewhat better, but it still didn't quite match the original.
  • Suspiciously Similar Song: You can recognize a LOT of famous themes in the soundtrack:
  • That One Level: The Umpire Strikes Out and Pain in the Asteroids in Enter the Gecko for being rather dark and putting you on a time limit that has to be refreshed with air stations, as you're in space. They do cut you a break however, in that their hidden remotes are easy to find and in plain sight, respectively.
    • Mythology Network from the PS1 version of Deep Cover Gecko, due to its overly long length and confusing layout, collapsing platforms that hover around in awkward movement patterns, and being rife with bottomless chasms that are easy to fall into from the slightest mistimed jump.