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Gex's mother lends her son a shuttle in Gex 3.
In the final level, Gex start the level in a space shuttle near Rez's space station. Gex's mother probably still owns 51% ownership of NASA since the family is still rich from the inheritance from Great-Uncle Charlie. So she allowed Gex to use one to stop Rez. She may or may not know Rez is her husband.

The Gex series will be revived sometime during the next generation.
Because look at all the revivals that have occured Rayman, Spyro, Adventure Island, Donkey Kong Country, etc. It won't surprise me if the Gex series gets revived as well. Rumor is that a 4th title was in production but later cancelled. Therefore it's highly possible that a new developer [my prediction UbiSoft] will complete the project and depending on the games success may ultimately revive Gex.

Gex's ultimate fate in the event of a Game Over...

...is becoming the Geico gecko. Obviously after mellowing out a lot.
  • Alternate theory: They're cousins. That also makes the Geico gecko related to the original IZOD mascot, who is Gex's great-uncle.

Rez granted Pinker's abilities.
"You got it, baby."

Rez won.
At the end of Deep Cover Gecko, Gex's butler tells him he's needed, but is ignored in favour of some tail time with Agent Xtra. Presumably, this was Rez returning yet again. During this, Rez goes unopposed and is able to take over, either becoming too powerful for Gex to defeat, or disposing of the gecko personally early into his takeover. And that's why we never got a Gex 4.

A Gex reboot will focus around the internet.
TV has lost prominence as the go-to time waster, and so a returning Gex would travel around various websites, battling literal trolls and getting trapped in popular memes. This will either nicely mirror the very 90's feel of the originals, or bomb spectacularly with old fans.
  • Gex may also quip and complain about all the good TV shows going to Netflix.

There hasn't been a Gex 4 because...
  • Gex has spent the entire time since Deep Cover Gecko watching TV like he wanted to.
  • Gex discovered Youtube and hasn't touched the TV in years.
  • Rez won in the end. See above.

In Gex 1, Gex was the bad guy.
Though unintentionally. Many levels had superheroes, adventurers and other generally heroic figures as enemies. They were the stars of the TV shows, but all Gex saw were enemies sent to kill him. Essentially, Gex spent a lot of the first game forcefully cancelling the shows he loved so much.

The Flatulator's backstory.
Flatulator was the star of a goofy superhero cartoon for young kids. Your typical bumbling hero who always has to save his more competent friends by the end. One day, Rez shows up in New Toonland and confronts the hero. Rather than fight, Rez simply warns him that his show is going to be cancelled soon, but as lord of the Media Dimension, he can keep it on the air. He simply asks that Flatulator joins his forces and let's him take over. He accepts, and has been on the air ever since., despite his show dropping in the rating and being savaged by critics.
  • Interestingly, one of the early ideas for the first game was that the bosses were originally people Rez kidnapped and force them to fight Gex.