Trivia / Gex

  • The Other Darrin: Dana Gould voiced Gex in the original game and in both sequels for the US market. However, the British dubs featured Leslie Phillips as his voice actor in Enter the Gecko, and Danny John-Jules in Deep Cover Gecko.
  • Troubled Production: Programmer Gregg Tavares described Gex as a project from Hell, and goes into detail about how hard it was to make the game on his blog. The very understaffed development team was inexperienced, overworked to the point of doing 12 to 16 hours a day, understaffed and rushed to finish the game for Christmas. A lot of content was cut due to time and manpower constraints, and lead designer Justin Knorr was fired after hiding an insulting message that included Crystal Dynamics co-founder Madeline Canepa's actual phone number.
  • What Could Have Been: The first game was originally going to be about a Hollywood stunt-gecko who must save his studio from both financial trouble and enemies trying to help shut it down.
    • Then, after they decided on the current premise, each world was going to have three parts. For example, the first part of the Horror world would be the cemetery, the second part a haunted mansion, and the third part would be Mode 2 (a la Rail Chase and Jurassic Park). (see above)
    • An earlier premise of the game is Gex living in a gecko village island (referenced in the story in the instruction manual) when a portal opens above them. Swarm of flying demons with pitchforks abducted them all. Gex was left behind under the rubble, and it's up to him to rescue his people.
    • The Brain of Oz from Deep Cover Gecko was originally intended to be a boss in Enter the Gecko.
    • The full ending of Enter the Gecko after 100% Completion shows more content that were unused.