• Broken Base: There are quite a lot of "fans" of GURPS who buy every book the series produces... except the actual rulebooks for the game itself. The attitude among these people is that while GURPS has some of the best source, setting, and background material around, the actual rule system (in the word of one reviewer) "stinks from the head like yesterday's cod". They mine the source material for useable stuff, then apply it all to a different rule system (usually Dungeons & Dragons, Traveller or Champions). (Some fans prefer GURPS' rule system, and use the settings of other games instead.)
  • Do Not Do This Cool Thing: Mentioned in the rules as how the skill of Fast-Talk is generally learned:
    This skill is not taught in school - at least, not intentionally.
  • Game-Breaker: For the most part, GURPS seems content to leave the game breakers in, but charge so many points that your character may end up a Bunny-Ears Lawyer. For more details on more mudane game breakers consult their page.
    • Unkillable and Supernatural Durability are what they sound like,
    • Allies, if abused (Noticeably, several Allies).
    • Warp allows a player to go basically anywhere with a thought.
    • Modular Abilities. It's New Powers as the Plot Demands in character form.
    • Super Luck allows you to dictate the out come of ANY 1 roll every so often.
    • Word of God: Altered Time Rate costs 100 Character Points. That's 100 points of unfairness against the guy who doesn't have it.
    • 3rd edition had the beautiful Eidetic Memory. For 30 points, it halved the cost of all other mental skills.
    • Outside of advantages there's Ultra-Tech's inclusion of the Grav Heavy Needler which makes 90% of other man portable weapons obsolete. Forever.
  • That One Disadvantage: Depending on the GM, this might be any of Easy to Kill, Cursed, Destiny, or Enemy.
    • Specifically Cursed means the GM gets to do anything he wants to your character for any reason at any time and you can't complain.
    • Destiny is a bit more complex. GM abuse stems from the notion that you don't control how your Destiny (positive or negative) is fulfilled, the GM does. Exact Words can bite you bad if you try to become invincible by taking a seemingly impossible Destiny that involves your death.
    • Easy to Kill is more likely to act as a subversion to this trope; it sounds nasty, but it's really just a simple penalty to a rarely-seen HT roll, and this trait is a major part of an infamous game breaker. note