YMMV: Frisky Dingo

  • Crosses the Line Twice: In the premiere of the second season, Taqu'il has gotten in hot water for releasing an album entitled "Ballocaust." The cover has him wearing an SS-themed basketball jersey and cap while holding a basketball emblazoned with a swastika as well as a chain around the neck of a bald woman wearing a bikini modeled after death camp uniforms. Taqu'il's (Jewish) lawyer doesn't help fix the problem.
    Taqu'il's Lawyer: What I think happened was a lot of people just took a lot of things out of context.
    Interviewer: You don't find... any of this offensive?
    Taqu'il's Lawyer: Uh... um... uh... uh... listen! Um...
    Interviewer: Aren't you Jewish?
    Taqu'il's Lawyer: Who's to say? ...yes.
    Interviewer: And you don't find any of this offensive.
    Taqu'il's Lawyer: No, no, no! I see a celebration of life, you know, like, um, Hoop Dreams...
    Interviewer: How can you say...?
    Taqu'il's Lawyer: ...or Finding Forrester. Maybe they're going to find Forrester... in Poland.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Ronnie, the gay Russian Xtacle who attempts to rape Xander in season one, Taqu'il, Mr. Ford, and Old Spice.
  • Genius Bonus: After Ronnie rapes Xander, one of the things written on Xander's body is "Glasnost" with an arrow pointing to his rear.
  • Growing the Beard: It is generally agreed that the first couple of episodes aren't indicative of the show's overall quality, and that the show doesn't really reach its full potential until three to five episodes in. This is a result of its style of humor, which is based almost entirely on having built up a stock of Running Gags, Continuity Nods, and Brick Jokes.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: In Season 2, Tac'quil eventually becomes president with Stan as his VP. Shortly after the show ended, Obama was elected with Joe Biden as his VP.
    • Even funnier, Tac'quil becomes President and Stan becomes his VP. And given that Obama's VP is Joe Biden...
  • Idiot Plot:
    • Almost every plot point is driven by people doing stupid/insane things, but perhaps the grandest example is how the start of Season 2 can only play out the way it does because Xander Crews just forgot (or at least, neglecting to mention that) he had a $20 billion check on him the entire time he was homeless.
    • Or the fact that nobody on Xander or Killface's electoral teams knows enough about presidential elections to realise that neither Killface or Xander are eligible for the position until the debate actually begins.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Several:
    • Wendell murdering a member of Grace Ryan's news crew, then framing his partner Cody for it, then asking if he can have his jet ski and his wife while Cody serves time in prison.
    • Xander arming the Annihilatrix, intent on destroying the world if he can't be an uber-rich billionaire at the end of Season 1, or intentionally leaving his long-suffering girlfriend to die in his crashing campaign plane so he can save Stan instead, then telling her (when she miraculously escapes seconds before the crash) that she's like a bad penny in Season 2.
    • Valerie trying to shoot one of the nerds on the balcony just for fun in the Season 1 finale, or seducing Sinn and then murdering her just as they were about to make love for the first time in Season 2.
    • Simon detonating the Annihilatrix, intending to doom the entire world to a fiery death in the Season 1 finale.