YMMV: Frisky Dingo

  • Crosses the Line Twice: In the premiere of the second season, Taqu'il has gotten in hot water for releasing an album entitled "Ballocaust." The cover has him wearing an SS-themed basketball jersey and cap while holding a basketball emblazoned with a swastika as well as a chain around the neck of a bald woman wearing a bikini modeled after death camp uniforms. Taqu'il's (Jewish) lawyer doesn't help fix the problem.
    Taqu'il's Lawyer: What I think happened was a lot of people just took a lot of things out of context.
    Interviewer: You don't find... any of this offensive?
    Taqu'il's Lawyer: Uh... um... uh... uh... listen! Um...
    Interviewer: Aren't you Jewish?
    Taqu'il's Lawyer: Who's to say? ...yes.
    Interviewer: And you don't find any of this offensive.
    Taqu'il's Lawyer: No, no, no! I see a celebration of life, you know, like, um, Hoop Dreams...
    Interviewer: How can you say...?
    Taqu'il's Lawyer: ...or Finding Forrester. Maybe they're going to find Forrester... in Poland.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Ronnie, a gay Russian Xtacle who rapes Xander in season one.
    • Also Taqu'il.
    • And Mr. Ford.
    • And Old Spice
  • Genius Bonus: After Ronnie rapes Xander, one of the things written on Xander's body is "Glasnost" with an arrow pointing to his rear.
  • Growing the Beard: The show didn't really hit its stride until midway season one, with the hospital episode.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Killface's issues about Tac'quil being his running mate. A short time after the cancellation... Obama gets elected.
  • Idiot Plot: Almost every plot point is driven by people doing stupid/insane things, but perhaps the grandest example is how the start of Season 2 can only play out the way it does because Xander Crews just forgot he had a $20 billion check on him the entire time he was homeless.
    • He didn't forget. He was saving it for a worthwhile situation.
    • A better example might be most of the action in season 2 hinging on neither Xander, nor Killface knowing the basic requirements for running for president and their respective campaign managers not knowing that neither of them qualify.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Several:
    • Wendell framing his partner for several murders, not to mention his habit of murdering anyone standing in his way to gaining whatever it is he needs.
    • Xander had TWO big ones. First in the season one finale, after losing his fortune, Xander arms Killface's doomsday device, intent on destroying the world if he can't be a uber-rich billionaire. Secondly in season two, when he purposely leaves his long-suffering girlfriend to die in a plane about to crash, THEN tells her (when she miraculously escapes seconds before the crash) that she's a bad penny.
    • Val seducing Sinn and then murdering her just as they were about to make love for the first time.