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Frisky Dingo, Sealab 2021, and Archer all take place in the same world
Frisky Dingo and Archer take place at the same time (kinda like GTA IV and its 2 DLC games) and somewhere along the line caused Sealab 2021 to happen. Adam Reed's next show will fill in the 11-13 years following the other 2.
  • Confirmed, in a way. Archer seems to take place in the same universe as the two shows, with Mr. Ford showing up in a few episodes ("Drift Problem", "Legs", "Reignition Sequence") and Simone in one ("Nellis"), and Cheryl even name-drops Wendell Stamps in "Reignition Sequence". Also, in the Season 4 finale, the ISIS crew visit the Sealab.

Xander Crews, Archer, and Murphy are all related
They all have the same sort of personality and roughly the same IQ.
Xander actually lied about finding the cheque
While rule of funny is in force, it still doesn't make any practical sense that Xander would have chosen to live out on the street in poverty and do porn if he had the cheque all along (okay, so maybe the porn was by choice). Still, an important point with cheques is that the money comes out of the account when they're cashed, not when they're written. That means, he was still technically a billionaire all along unless someone found and cashed the cheque. He didn't actually need to get the cheque back. He just had to make sure no one cashed it. While he ended up with a cheque, there was nothing to say he didn't just write a new cheque for $20bn from his bank account. He still had all his money so all he had do was to make sure that if anyone ever found and tried to cash the real cheque he could discredit them. We'd already seen Killface had to go to his bank to cash it and a transaction of that size would get escalated up to him. Meanwhile, by making sure he ended up in a documentary with the "real" cheque in his hands he could "prove" that if anyone else showed up with a cheque from his bank account that it must be a forgery. If they point out the accurate details of his account, he can just say they copied from the real cheque they'd seen on TV.

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