YMMV / Flowers of War

  • Americans Hate Tingle: Predictably, the film was a massive hit in it's native country, but was absolutely savaged by Western critics. Right now it stands at a measly 42% on Rotten Tomatoes. Not to mentioned it bombed at the American box office. Making a pathetic $311,434 on limited release. Ouch.
  • Ethnic Scrappy: Lead character John Miller, is a big one. Getting over the Fake Nationality of him being American, he managed to embody every racist stereotype of Westerners held in popular Chinese culture. He's a greedy, alcoholic, lecherous coward, whose first thought upon entering the cathedral is to look for booze. He only reluctantly agrees to help out after being shamed into it. It's made even worse by the director (Zhang Yimou) thinking he's being progressive. "This kind of character, a foreigner, a drifter, a thug almost, becomes a hero and saves the lives of Chinese people. That has never ever happened in Chinese filmmaking, and I think it will never happen again in the future."